Why Are You on Social Media?
July 18, 2015

Social media sites can be used for so many things. Some people use for business, marketing, job search, and ultimately connectivity.
Perhaps the number one rule before getting on any social media platform should be to answer the question “WHY?”

I joined twitter in June 2009 and discovered the power of this new tool. Although, It was still in its infancy then and finding your way around it was pretty technical. I enjoyed it rewards.

For a few months I explored this new world of microblogging and followed every material I could lay my hands on. I wanted to share my blog posts then and increase my followers. I was in the internet marketing niche then (I guess I still am) and you had to follow the book to the letter. It was quite rewarding. Somewhere along the line I lost focus and started following random people. I began to follow influencers in politics and gossips. That was where I lost it. My TL was bombarded with political gibberish, most of which I sometimes had no clue. Gradually,  I became a quidnune, always looking for the latest celebrity gossip. I left my purpose of being on twitter and pursued other things.

So many people have fallen into this trap and others are still falling. I see a lot of dormant social media accounts on the varying platforms and one thing comes to my mind purpose unknown is purpose abused. So many people join social networking sites because their friends invite them. when they fall out with their friends, they abandon the accounts. this is why you need to determine your reasons for being on any social networking site.

Once you answer the why question, it will help you determine:
1. which direction to take your social media campaigns.

2. which social media platform to use. Not every social platform is suitable for everyone. For example, instagram, facebook and pinterest are most suitable for pictures. Twitter is mostly used for text (sometimes pictures), while linkedin is more professional.

3. It also helps you to stay on track and focused on your goals.

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