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[WARNING]: If You Wait For Inspiration You Will Die of Hunger.
May 20, 2015

Have you ever wanted to do something but lack the willpower to do so? For me I know what to do. I get my tools ready and put pen to paper. Then zilch! Nothing! Nada!
Oh O! It happens to you too… Ok, read along.

Perhaps a common question that creative people get asked the most is about inspiration. What inspires you? How do you write your lyrics? What is the inspiration behind your new book? etc. Then they go ahead to say they draw inspiration from their environment or other peoples work.

While its good to draw inspiration from something or someone to get you started in your creative process, I have discovered that waiting for inspiration is a rather lazy way in mastering your talent and developing it to skill level.

What if inspiration decides to stay away for a whole year and your publisher expects your first draft in one month. That would be a total disaster. Imagine a farmer waiting on inspiration to farm. Chai! By the time inspiration arrives, he might be in the grave.

I must confess, being a creative person comes with its ups and down. There are days I churn out articles like an article writing software. Some days I come up with several ideas to work on.
Other days to write on a single idea becomes a burden. Experts call it writers block. In fact on some days the juice is so gushing that I start with an idea and end up with another. Like when I wanted to write this awesome article, I came up with this wonderful post.
I had to relax so I could get my mind cleared. That “juice”, the urge to get your thoughts down is often referred to as inspiration.

However, no matter how dry it seems to be, I have always had this quote with me. That there are only two times a writer should write. 1. When he is inspired and 2. When he is not inspired.
It is a constant reminder of what I should be doing.
With that you would see that as a writer, you should always be writing.

Let’s answer these questions together.

What do teachers do? They teach. Abi?

What do singers do? They sing. Good.

What do players do? They play. Nice!

What do farmers do? They farm. Ehen!

What do writers do? We write. Bravo!

You should keep writing because, that’s what writers do.

Just like ofilispeaks puts it, Writing is a sport, write everyday.

While this article is not in any way to belittle the power of inspiration, it is however a wake up call to all creatively talented people. Sometimes waiting for inspiration is a clarion call to hunger. Not only will you go hungry, you will also waste the talent.

Remember the parable of the talent where the master gave three servants 5, 2 and 1 talents respectively? The master was angry with the last servant because he buried his talent. That is what waiting for inspiration does to you.

As a creative person, you should keep honing your skills till your good becomes better, because in the words of E.B. White — ‘A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper.’

Are you still waiting for inspiration?

Start creating…

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