Review: BlackBerry Messenger 8.0 Slows Down OS.
November 28, 2013
BBM 8.0

BBM 8.0

Blackberry rolled out an update to its messenger yesterday with a totally new look. I believe its in a bid to make BBM uniform across platforms. However, its got a few glitches that needs to be fixed.

1. It is slow and consequently impacts the RAM, which also tasks the OS.

2. The new BBM is just like 3G. The phone heats up so much that you’d have to let it cool for a while.

3. The interface is cool (just like whatsapp) but the update tab should be like the old one. Its so much work having to scroll to the extreme right to see who changed DP’s.

While the update might be cool for android phones, most of which are touch screens, it is more work for traditional Blackberry phones.

If you’d like your old BBM back, you can downgrade it here.

BBM 7 OS 6

BBM 7 For OS 7.1
BBM7 for OS 7

BBM 7 OS 7

What are your experiences with the BBM8.0 update? Use the comment box to share your views. Thanks.

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