According to StatisticBrain 25 percent of startups fail in the first year. 36 percent fail in second year. 44 percent of startups fail in the third year. By the tenth year, a whooping 78 percent of startups are dead. Why is this so? The reasons for these startup failures might not be far fetched. It […]


Sample Skill Inventory What is a skills Inventory? According to Wiki, Skills inventory is a list of your abilities, qualifications, and career goals. OR A Skills inventory is a listing of abilities, capacities, qualifications, and career goals of the employees to identify suitable candidates for internal recruitment or promotions. Business Dictionary I call it a […]


Have you ever been in one of those friendships that start great but just dies sooner than it starts? Perhaps you are the type that loses interests in friendships when you discover something not so cool in your friends? If you have then you’d enjoy this post. Also you might be the one that needs […]


BBM 8.0 Blackberry rolled out an update to its messenger yesterday with a totally new look. I believe its in a bid to make BBM uniform across platforms. However, its got a few glitches that needs to be fixed. 1. It is slow and consequently impacts the RAM, which also tasks the OS. 2. The […]

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