Financial Education
Understanding The Flow of Money 1
February 3, 2014

Money is A Current, It Flows. Flow: flow/flō/ Verb:(esp. of a liquid) Move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream Noun:The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream. credits: under30ceo Have you ever wondered why money is referred to as currency? Does it bother you what the […]

How To Know Its Time To Let Go.
January 20, 2014

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships or friendships that leave a bitter taste in our mouth. The whole weight of the relationship is on us. We are the ones trying to call, text, mail or ping. The other party is dormant. At this time we become emotionally bankrupt especially if the friendship meant something to […]


Encouraging Youth Farming Introduction: Engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent topic recently and has risen up the development agenda, as there is growing concern worldwide that young people have become disenchanted with agriculture. With most young people – around 85% – living in developing countries, where agriculture is likely to provide the main […]