Five Lessons I’ve Learnt About Rejection …


Five lessons I’ve learnt about rejection … by Tayo Woranola

Every NO is special.
1. It’s an opportunity for you to look at your offer AGAIN and appreciate the value of what you have. you’re proud enough of what you have and you had so much faith in it and in yourself, that you were willing to offer someone else. Many people do not value what they have that much. Keep that faith switch turned on.

2: If rejection gets into your head, it will be difficult to bounce back. If rejection cannot snuff life out of your faith (faith in God’s word concerning you and your situation), it will only make you stronger and better(a better friend…a better business person). NEVER, NEVER REJECT YOURSELF. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU WON’T GET ANYWHERE EVEN IF THE WHOLE WORLD BELIEVES IN YOU.

3. Every rejection is an opportunity to go back to your drawing board and re-strategize. See rejection as an opportunity to look at what you have to offer AGAIN and fortify it AGAIN.

4. Rejection is designed to develop three things in you: stronger faith in yourself (self-confidence), greater appreciation of your value and the worth of what you have to offer, and clearer understanding of your uniqueness (not everyone sees what you see, not everyone likes what you like. Learn to appreciate people’s willingness to CHOOSE TO BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE…)

5. If you have been rejected, appreciate that person and SHUT THE DOOR WITH COURTESY. You may have to come back and knock on that door AGAIN. That’s if you REALLY, REALLY believe in the value of what you have to offer.


How Reading ebooks Has Made Me Lazy.

As a writer, I get a lot of  inspiration from reading other books. Each time I read a literature, I find it easy to highlight sections of books that trigger my interests. In fact I have my scribbling pad by me every time , so I can jot my thoughts and insights as they reveal themselves. All these occurred when I read traditional books. (holding the paper)

However with the advent of e-books, my efficiency has dropped drastically. While e-books are easier to read, and digital,

1. They do not provide me the opportunity to make notes as I’d love to. The closest I could ever come to was copying the texts that speak to me into a word processing program. By the time I go over the notes it becomes lucid.

2. The closest I’ve gone to enjoying  e-books is to set the views to double page instead of the default single page adobe offers.

3. Reading is slower when reading e-books.- Because you have to scan through the screen of whatever device you are using and because the device is a source of light, reading is always slower than in traditional books.

4. I get tired if the book is over 100 pages. – Once the book is over 100 pages I may have to read it in 4 or 5 installments.

5. Power Supply is always an issue.- You know the kind of nation we reside in and the canker-worms destroying our power sector. There are times I’d want to read but no charges on my laptop or mobile phone.

Scribblings In Idleness: His Decision

Scribblings In Idleness: His Decision by Sanjo ‘Biodun Owojaiye

Females are funny creatures…forged by Mother Nature and fine-tuned by Father Nature. They say one thing and mean another and it is that which they do not say that really matter. If you ever want to go crazy, try to understand a woman. Be the nice guy and you will never win a fair lady’s hand. Nice guys always come last. Women are necessary evils, evils we can’t just live without. A successful love relationship with a woman is possible only if you are a failure. Women are for the good times, they flee when the rainy days descend. His childhood was filled with this and such other wonderfully odd ideas, which at that time were necessary to help guide him on the right path. Days have rolled into weeks, weeks have turned into months, and years have flown by.

Enter the present. Over the last couple of months, after giving it sufficient thought, He decided to take action to give his heart that which it craved for, something he had never done before.  He wasn’t so much a believer in love, for to him, love was a sign of weakness, the entrance of love into anything, and place or event usually meant the exit of reason. His childhood lessons were ever fresh in his subconscious. Not that there haven’t been girls in his life, indeed there have been many, but Continue reading “Scribblings In Idleness: His Decision”

Another Evil I Have Seen Under The Sun


Its amazing that in this world people find so much joy in the down fall of someone who does good and celebrates his injury, they are excited and fulfilled at their mistakes and errors, they are so happy and eager to distribute the news at whatever cost, it becomes their personal project to make sure the news is widely spread and such folks castigated.


I have also seen this evil under the sun that human beings say everything and do everything as politicians to get into power but on getting there they only start to do such as would only IMPRESS the people so that the ‘blind’ people will say they are working and they politicians leave undone such that will IMPACT the people.


I have also seen under the sun that in a church setting (of which I understand well), you are in the good books and everybody’s hero so long you fit into ‘their description’ of who a Christian is in their head/mind, once you follow your heart as it suits your life you become a rebel and a devil that is castigated either in their church, their gatherings or at their functions and occasions, even the young ones who rejoices and dances at your appearance before now looks at you from afar because they have made you a topic in their sitting rooms as a family discussion, even further at their offices as lunch hour topic of discussion.


Hmmmmm…… – jazzyb

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Occupy Nigeria Is Just The Beginning!

It is not the first blow that kills a snake, the cumulative impacts of subsequent blows weakens it. The emancipation of the Negroes in the United States was a process. Barack Obama’s journey to the white house started with Martin Luther King’s idea of a color blind society. There had been a couple of attempts to end racial segregation before Rosa Parks’ defiance sparked a boycott which ended segregation in Montgomery.

While this may not be the last blow that kills the snake of corruption in our society, we are sure it has a weakening effect. Even though it seems we’ve been betrayed, psychologically squashed and sold out, we shall still continue to #OccupyNigeria. The only power a slave master has over the slave is ignorance. That’s why he never educates him, because the more you know, the better you behave.

Comrades, the strike may be over and our rights to protests may be threatened yet we know more about the budget than we used to. We are more aware of current issues. We know we can question the budget. Our chants, rants, arguments, blogs and peaceful protests have initiated a process. We now know it’s not just Twitter, Facebook or Blogger.

Even if the EFCC reports are doctored, we have succeeded in starting a process. Let me assure you, that we are victors. They fear us. That is why they changed the rules of the game by involving military presence. Life may not be as it used to be, but now we have a glimpse into their minds. Prices may not return to what they were, shoes may pinch, but our minds are awakened.

The gateman knows about the budget. “Iya moria” knows about the kitchen allowance. Secondary school students are asking questions about the budget. We are no longer ignorant. Gradually, the grip of the slave master is getting weaker by the day.  Let us all be aware that, it’s not a “battle of guns” but a “war of wits.” Not a revolution with violence but a “battle of the mind.”

Demola did not die for nothing, muyideen did not die in vain, hundreds, injured physically and mentally shall not be in vain. So therefore in their memorial, let us keep the hope alive as we #OccupNigeria in our jobs, educating our colleagues. Let us keep the hope alive as we #occupynigeria in our churches & mosques, enlightening the congregation. Let us keep the hope alive as we #occupynigeria in our schools, streets and communities. Teaching them the actual issues, which are beyond fuel subsidy. It’s about accountability. It’s about cutting government waste.

They may stop the strikes or discourage the protests; they can never stop us from talking. This is not a time to lay blames and point accusing fingers, but a time to recoup our strength, losses and learn from our mistakes. It’s a time to prepare for the next opportunity or create one. It’s not until 2015, the time is now.

First Published on Facebook. 17/01/2012