Why Dropping Out of School May Not Guarantee Your Success.

Consider these facts

More than 50% of all CEO’s of fortune 500 companies had a C or C average in college.

65% of all US senators came from the bottom half of their class.

75% of US presidents were in the lower half club in school.

More than 80% of American entrepreneurs never finished college.

Wole Soyinka professor and Nobel laureate graduated with a 3rd class in university of Ibadan.

Dangote the richest man in Africa never went to college.

Cosmos Maduka  elementary school drop out and billionaire founder of the Coscharis Group.


Each time people talk about success and its antecedents, I hear a lot of statistics like above. People quote different sources to buttress the fact that success is not often determined by academic intelligence. In fact some go as far as stating that if you do not perform well in school is a pointer that you may/do not need academics to succeed. So we have a lot of academic potentials wasting away under the guise of “it doesn’t matter what I graduate with as long as I know what I want to do with my life”. While the argument may hold some water, oftentimes I am wont to believe that those who push such ideas do so in order to cover their academic incompetence. However, one needs to examine the premise on which such assumptions stand.

With the likes of bill gates, late Steve jobs, and more recently Mark Zuckerberg, topping the list of successful, wealthy dropouts, their stories seems to eclipse the list of successful, wealthy graduates. One also needs to analyze why the latter are sometimes less recognized and celebrated.

I believe, for every successful dropout, there should be at least 10/20 successful graduates if not more. The message that “if Bill Gates (or anyone else) can do it, you can too” need to be examined. Agreed that they are dropouts, was that the only factor that determined their success? The concept of such messages I believe is FOCUS ( spelt out Following One Course Until Success), without which no one can succeed in any endeavor with or without academics. These great men of our time were not only focused on their lives vocation, they had a definite purpose. For them it wasn’t for the money or fame (at least not in the beginning.) They only set out to achieve their heart desires. Something they had immense passion for. How many of those who tout such beliefs ever really make it like those they model? I can bet it with you that Bill Gates and others like him are not the only one who stopped schooling to pursue their perceived life purposes. How many of them do we know?

World over we have several successful men and women who went through school. Ben Carson is one. A neurosurgeon without match. Robert Rowling, the owner of the holding company controlling the Omni Hotels and Gold’s Gym chains. Jerry Yang,  co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc, to mention a few.  These people have made enormous impacts on our lives. However, they were not only successful because they went to school. Rather, other factors contributed towards their achievements. They were also resilient, focused and passionate about their life purposes. It is also obvious that even intelligence has a threshold, because there are far more intelligent graduates who aren’t successful either. So if intelligence gets you running up to certain speed and set you loose. Something else takes you up from there, what exactly is that thing? Divinity, Creativity?

Until we define certain concepts like success, understand our identity, and of course screen the people we lend our “ear time” to or read from, it won’t be long before we start having our best brains dropping out of schools.

So the question is; what really is needed to succeed in life? Common sense, practical intelligence, financial intelligence, creativity, attitudes or opportunities? Kindly use the comment box below to air your views. Thanks.

Facebook IPO: How It Affects The Nigerian Youth.

That the Facebook IPO opened for public today is no longer news. Before the listing, news reports Facebook price at $36 per share, however the Nasdaq opening puts the price at $42 per share after a 30 minute delay. Just minutes after the opening, bloomberg news  reports via a tweet that Facebook now selling around $70/share in germany.

In a rather exasperated tweet, @upnepa  Blogger and  Assistant Editor at technesstivity who seems to be bothered about Nigerian youths negligence on important issues concerning their financial future  tweets:

He also goes further to say:

In the same vein, Founder & Chief Editor @TechLoy.com ( @loyOKeZIE ) tweets

From the above tweets , various questions arise:

1. Are Nigerian youths only concerned about entertainment or relationship issues?

2. With over 4 million Nigerian youths on Facebook.  Why are the youths not bothered about important issues like the FBIPO.
3. Why are some Nigerian youths contented with posting pictures and party comments on Facebook? Is that all there is to it?
4. Why are the youths more concened about flaunting their BB’s and iPhones, when age mates across the world are actually creating these tech gadgets.

5. With the buzz in Nigerian Tech industry, How many  Tech start-ups have achieved (or moving towards achieving) a feat as laudable as Facebook?

6. Do Nigerian Tech Start-ups possess what it takes to get listed on the Stock Exchange?

Kindly use the comment box below to air your views. Thanks.


There is this little kid in my neighborhood who goes around without his slippers, he would tramp the whole street bare footed. I became a little concerned about his safety that I called him once to ask about his slippers. The following conversation ensued between us.

ME: Don’t you have a slippers?

Kid: “Owa nile!” (It’s at home.)

ME: Why don’t you put it on?

Kid: “kosi”. (Nothing.)

There and then I reprimanded him saying “If I ever see you without your slippers on your feet, I’ll beat you.” for emphasis sake, I asked him to repeat his punishment and he did. That seems to drive the nail in as there has been a drastic and wonderful improvement. His mother reports that he wears his slippers even in the house.

However several days later, I began to ruminate on that encounter with the kid and I somehow found myself wanting. “But why?” You may ask. After all you saw a problem, attempted to solve the problem and succeeded. While that may be true, but then how did I tackle the situation? How did I solve the problem? I found my self wanting with the approach. I scared him. I threatened him. I promised him a future punishment for his failure to comply. Was that the best way to solve the problem? I mean, yes it worked fine, but what if I had promised him a positive benefit. What if I had figured out a way to reward him positively, would I have succeeded? What if I had promised him a biscuit/sweet at the end of the week/month for his compliance to the commandment “thou shalt not walk barefooted.

The above scenario has made me to examine our parenting culture in this part of the world. All around, we see parents doing more of threatening/coercion than encouragement. Even in our schools, teachers yell “if you don’t keep shut I’ll tell your mummy” or “I’ll beat you”. All that this approach achieves, is to create a certain level of fear and control in the child. Have we ever pondered on the effects of this parenting styles or techniques on our children’s psyche? For most of us in this clime, the fear of the rod is the beginning of wisdom. Parents even justifying beating by quoting “spare the rod spoil the child.” In the long run, do we even try to envisage what we’ve been doing to the personality of these children? just yesterday, I heard a mother complain about her son. She claims her son has refused to change for the better despite the number of times she beats him and after series of corporal punishments.

While I am not trying to find faults with E. L Thorndike’s “operant conditioning”. I strongly believe that positive reinforcement would be beneficial to the child. It would help eliminate unnecessary fear and give the child a more positive outlook to life.

Your Opinions count, please use the comment box to air your views. Thanks

Random Thoughts! Revelations, Precognition and Magnets.

My mind’s been itching for a while, but couldn’t get my hand to obey my head. In fact titling this has been hectic. However, here’s a lil piece for the readers delight. Hope you enjoy it.Thanks

“Revelations” are sometimes scary, shocking or  awkward. There must be a reason why Revelation is not the first book you read and a stronger reason why it is placed in the last place you’ll want to check. Sometimes I wonder: is this happening now or will still happen? I feel it just further endorses the sayings that “never judge a book by its cover.” Everything is not always as it seems. Everyone is not really who they are. There is a surprise for us all in life. That’s why LIFE is what it is; a MYSTERY. Once the mystery is resolved, the joy of living becomes absent. Would there be words like hope? Definitely there would be fear. Imagine the cognition of death and its accompanying feelings or knowing you’d win the lottery tomorrow. If revelation is a peep into the future, things to come, does precognition help plan to avert dangers or welcome enormous wealth? *sigh*

There is this notion/thought that if you possess some values/virtue you’d attract certain things, people, and events into your life. Just like the ants are attracted to sugary things. I believe its right to say we are MAGNETS. That is to say what you are attracting into your life right now is a function of values/virtues you possess. Yet there seems to be a lot of people who feel they are not attracting what they should despite having the right attitudes, thoughts and actions. What could be wrong? why and where? *sigh*

Everyone seeks to be loved. Companionship and acceptance are few (yet important) of the emotional needs of humans. However careful consideration has shown that all those who seek to be loved usually end up err… loveless. Although she had her fair share of enemies, yet she was greatly loved by her people. She made such impact that her autobiography was adopted into the school curriculum. At her death, economic activities were brought to a standstill and she was mourned for 30 days. All the while on her deathbed, she was thinking of them, persuading her people not to “cry for her”. Why won’t she be loved? *sigh* Can our ladies go as far as Evita? Use the comment box below to share your views.

Can You Really See me? That’s All I’m Asking!

  I cherish my relationships a lot and hold everyone very dear to my heart. Everyone around me knows that, if you bother to find out. I believe God who created us or whatever you believe in, created us for co-dependence and not independence. We are built for connection and this can be seen all around us; in marriage, nature, even on our bodies. Can you imagine the chaos, if your left leg decides to go one way and the right leg the other?  The friendship and love I’ve experienced in these last few months is overwhelming and indescribable. This piece is just an out-pour and appreciation to that effect.

You see, if there is one thing I detest so much it would be rejection. You know that feeling you have when you say “hi” to someone you are very sure you know and (s)he gives you a blank stare? Yes, that one! So I’d rather just observe and perceive than going out of my way/shell. Believe me every one has that protective covering, a wall or just a part of your life where you don’t allow anyone or just few. But then I discovered that I keep limiting, restricting and resigning my self to the one thing I detest. Rejection! Being aloof, I believe is a personal court-martial and a cardinal sin or outrageous damage anyone can inflict on oneself.

Come to think of it, when we say things like “I’m a reserved person” I kind of wonder who or what are we reserving ourselves for? Now I’m not validating waywardness or “whatchamacallit”. Still you’ve got to let yourself out and feel like the real you, live the life you want to live. In fact, I’d say the reason you allege you are reserved is because you’ve got a low self esteem. Yeah I said it!

We are so engulfed in daily routines and survival mentality that we have even forgotten who we really are. It’s like waking up in the morning and putting on this imaginary personality/aura like an outfit. We hide under our polite conversations, sunny smiles, yet we go through so much shite underneath. So you want people to have a specific image/idea of who you are which is often times different from the real you. So you act like you want them to see you, yet you complain when you are being judged based on who they see or perceive you to be. When that happens we ought not to be mad at the world because that’s the image we project to the world.

As I close, I’m gonna submit that to see more of a person than (s)he reveals, a little smile, a hug, a handshake, a piercing look, a rub on the back brings out more of a person than you can ever imagine. And that is where and how the truest friendships/relationships start. There is a part in all of us seeking to be loved and asking; do you really see me? Can you really hear me? Do I mean anything to you? Feel the need and you’d have done more for yourself than the person. Ciao