Why Are You on Social Media?

Social media sites can be used for so many things. Some people use for business, marketing, job search, and ultimately connectivity.
Perhaps the number one rule before getting on any social media platform should be to answer the question “WHY?”

I joined twitter in June 2009 and discovered the power of this new tool. Although, It was still in its infancy then and finding your way around it was pretty technical. I enjoyed it rewards.

For a few months I explored this new world of microblogging and followed every material I could lay my hands on. I wanted to share my blog posts then and increase my followers. I was in the internet marketing niche then (I guess I still am) and you had to follow the book to the letter. It was quite rewarding. Somewhere along the line I lost focus and started following random people. I began to follow influencers in politics and gossips. That was where I lost it. My TL was bombarded with political gibberish, most of which I sometimes had no clue. Gradually,  I became a quidnune, always looking for the latest celebrity gossip. I left my purpose of being on twitter and pursued other things.

So many people have fallen into this trap and others are still falling. I see a lot of dormant social media accounts on the varying platforms and one thing comes to my mind purpose unknown is purpose abused. So many people join social networking sites because their friends invite them. when they fall out with their friends, they abandon the accounts. this is why you need to determine your reasons for being on any social networking site.

Once you answer the why question, it will help you determine:
1. which direction to take your social media campaigns.

2. which social media platform to use. Not every social platform is suitable for everyone. For example, instagram, facebook and pinterest are most suitable for pictures. Twitter is mostly used for text (sometimes pictures), while linkedin is more professional.

3. It also helps you to stay on track and focused on your goals.

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Lessons From The Jungle: A Tribute To Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. #MayaAngelou


Every morning in the jungle the lion knows he must roar and scare the deer out of his hideout or else he goes hungry for the day.

Every morning in the Jungle, the deer knows that he must outrun the lion or else he becomes food to the lion.

 Every morning in the jungle the hunter knows he must aim sharp or else he goes home empty handed and his family starves.

So Every morning, the lion wakes up and begins to roar to petrify the deer. Because he understands his strength and the power of his roar.

Every morning, the deer wakes up and begins to run for his dear life. Because he understands that for his life to be safe, he needs to run as far as possible from the roar of the lion that terrifies and transfixes him.

Every morning the hunter wakes up and begins to aim. Either for the lion or the deer. Because he understands the power of his gun.


Same jungle, same morning, different characters and different perspectives.

The lion did not chose to be a lion but he has adapted to his life. He understands his strength.

The deer also did not chose to be a deer but he has adapted to his life. He understands his weaknesses and makes up for it with his legs.

However, the hunter has chosen to be one and he has done everything required to be a hunter.

Which are you? The lion, the deer or the hunter?

You may not be able to choose your parents, your country or skin color, but you don’t need to let those factors deny you the life you were created to lead. Your background should not be strong enough to keep your back on the ground.

A great poet and biographer, Maya Angelou passed on to the great beyond yesterday. Her life is cocktail of fortunes and misfortunes, glee and gloom. Hailing from the sexual abuse of her mother’s boyfriend, to being mute. On to gracing the stage of Porgy and Bess with her dance steps. From pimp to bimbo. Poet, journalist and author. Your life was indeed a full one and clearly reflects that the true path to success, peace, joy and fulfillment in life is to decide. To choose to be yourself. Define your life and actively pursue it. No one owes you your right to life. No one owns your right to happiness. It all begins and ends (maybe not) with you.

On the pulse of this great morning, as we celebrate you. Not only do we know why the caged bird sings but we also know it is now free.

Maya Angelou

7 Life Changing Things You Should Do Differently This New Year.

Yaaay! Happy New year, let me welcome you officially into the new year. I know today is not the 1st of january, but its better late than never. This post should have been published yesterday but yours truly was busy through out the weekend. A bosom friend of mine @RealGodBoy hosted a comedy show on sunday 5th jan. Featuring one of the most sought after comedian in nigeria today, seyi law and SACO. It was a wonderful event and yours truly was totally occupied. Anyways, I am back and I do apologize for posting this late. This post details 7 things you need to do differently this year to be productive. Lego!

1. Welcome Change.
The year is new so are the opportunities. So many things are going to change in your life this year. Some friends will leave others will stay. New situations will arise that you’ve never faced before. You’ll welcome your first baby, get married, get a new job or take a new course. All these might rock your boat a little.
Don’t panic, changes are mostly designed to enlarge our context. To bring us out of our comfort zones.
Don’t react, respond to change. Reactions may be accompanied by feelings and feelings do nothing but cloud our reasoning. Exclude your self from the situation. Be proactive, seek solutions and accommodate changes rationally. The earlier you master the situation, the better for you.

2. Be Proactive:
Stop waiting for/on people to do things for you. Get your hands dirty. The people you are waiting on also have needs to be met. Put your back to work. The things that matters most in life, those things that make you successful are things you need to do yourself. No one should tell you to have your bath. If you don’t, you stink. No one should help you eat, if you don’t, you starve. No one should tell you to mind your dressing, if you don’t, you are disgraced.
Place that call, meet that person. If it doesn’t work out fine, you would have learnt a lesson. If it doesn’t work out the way you want, you can ask for help. Most things we seek help for, could have been achieved or done halfway. Put your creative juices to work.

3. Unclutter Your Schedule/Life.
Get rid of the distractions in your life. The unproductive habits. That friend whose speech is always about girls/boys or booze. That girlfriend whose speech is about the next high class party. Get rid of them. Those were the things you spent your energy on last year. Have you fared any better? I once heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. Try something different this year. It may be challenging and if it does, read step one again.

4. Set SMART Goals.
What goals do you have for this year? How do you intend to achieve them.
Setting goals need not be difficult. Just look at 3-5 things you want to achieve this year. That’s your goal for the year.
Break it down into tiny bits. It is better to have a one point agenda and Follow [that] One Course Until Success rather than having a 13 point agenda and have unfinished goals by year end.

In setting your goals this year, remember they have to be

A. Specific: clear, well defined and focused.

B. Measurable: it should be quantifiable, how many or how much will I have by year end. It helps you know you are on track.

C. Attainable: Your goals should be actionable, doable. You may be stretched but you won’t break.

D. Relevant: Your goals must align, satisfy and fulfill your purpose. There’s no point for a surgeon to be, to start taking auto repair classes. It takes you to your destination faster.

E. Time Bound: Your goals should have a dead line. It should answer the question when?

5. Calibrate Your Year: See what you can achieve in january. See what you will achieve in february etc. The reason why laboratory equipments are calibrated is to set standards and measure progress.

Welcome Change.

Welcome Change.

6. Learn To Say NO: Stop trying to please everyone or you get hurt. This year make a conscious effort to put boundaries in place. Enough of trying to be in someone’s good books. You are probably not the only person who can render the assistance they seek.
If you can help them out, please do so. If the assistance is going to inconvenience you, please refuse politely. They may act offended for a while, but its nothing time won’t fix. Don’t spend the year building other people’s life/family while having less time to build yours. These same people will ask “what are you doing with your life?”
If you are not there to help them, they will find other means. Let me surprise you, today is the 7th of january, this year is already going. If you don’t plan your life others will include you in theirs. Oh, “they support me financially” you lament.
Well they are in a position to help you today. They are not the only “Godsent”, God will not leave you without support. In fact saying or thinking like that shows you limit God and his works. It shows how myopic your idea of your God is. Let God provide for you.

7. Be Deliberate: Finally, everything you do this year must be deliberate. Do things because it appeals to you. Do things that add value to you. Go to places that make you happy. Your happiness is of your making. Ask yourself, “why am I wearing this blue shirt?, why am I attending this event? Is it because you don’t want to hurt your host? Being deliberate solidifies your standards.
However, being deliberate is no license to stubbornness or disobedience. Do things that are morally acceptable.

I hope you have enjoyed and learnt some lessons.

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Have a Wonderful New Year.

What is The Fate of Mobile Money in Nigeria.

source: google

source: google

Mobile money is a great revolutionary tool. A wonderful attempt at reaching the over 56 million unbanked adults in Nigeria. It is expected to ease financial transactions via mobile phone platforms. However, since its launch in the Nigeria economy, there seems to be very little growth in the sector. This article aims to examine some foundational challenges to the growth and acceptability of Mobile money in Nigeria.

As grand as this innovation is, one needs to consider certain factors or characteristic features of the unbanked.

In my observation, (I stand to be corrected.) Majority of the unbanked are
1. Elders.
2. Unschooled.
3. Self employed eg artisans, farmers, traders etc.
Closely looking at these features, it should be obvious that these set of people deal with physical goods & services. So its no crime to want their payments physically.
Some reasons may be because they operate their businesses on credit. They usually have instant needs to be met. Like iya sikira alata in mushin wanting to eat lunch. In nigeria as well as other parts of africa, we are known to hold and feel our money to know what it can do for us.
Visit farm settlement markets and see what I’m talking about.They brought physical goods to the market, they want physical cash. Gone are those days when you leave your goods in the market and you meet both your goods and the money from sales in your store. To collect money from a visible human being is tasking. Not to talk of via phones.

2. The technological know how of these set of people is also a factor to be considered. We can argue that almost every body has a mobile phone at least nokia torch light. But how many of these people can send and read text messages unaided? How many can load a recharge pin unaided? How many locals, I mean iya sikira alata, Mazi ogbuefi in Nawgu, Danbata the cattle merchant, use their phones for any other thing than making or recieveing calls? Let’s not forget having to memorise pin codes.

3. Network problems.
We all know how unsettling our mobile networks can be. The unbanked are surely not ready to to commit their hard earned cash to mobile phones & telcoms. What if the phone is stolen? What if the network goes awry? Transactions would be delayed. Trust will be broken.You’d be amazed at the fury of the unbanked when she discovers her call credit vanished. Even if her wards were responsible for the disappearance.

4. Security & Fraud
At a mobile money launch by one of the leading telecoms giant last year. The most asked question is: how safe is my money? To which the company replied. Its your business to insure your money. {Name witheld} is indemnified from losses.
Now that mobile money is around, its another opportunity for fraudsters. Thisarticle is a typical example of what power the mobile money offers to fraudulent people. Even before mobile money we receive text messages of lottery winings, La casera promos and what nots. Thousands have been fleeced by these messages. Traditional bank accounts have problems. As a matter of fact, most adults don’t request for ATM cards because of its rigours.
There is also a vague understanding of credit transfers & mobile money when telecoms provide mobile money services. The unbanked are used to transfering call credits via share & sell or sending logical pins which recipients sell. So they see no need for mobile money?

Are these all there is to mobile money? Of course not. I know it’s secure, fast and easily accesible which is the selling point. We have also heard the success of M-pesa in kenya. But we need to see how we can tackle our peculiar challenges with respect to mobile money. There is a need for us to understand that electronic money is based on trust. Sadly our nation and many african countries, do not have the luxury of such trust. There are so many bottlenecks stiffling the growth of this trust.

While I am not pessimistic or anti digital, I believe mobile money operators need to look into the aforementioned challenges to roll out a robust plan of action for mobile money acceptability in Nigeria.

Short Story: Blood on My Hands II

I looked at my bloody hands, my heart pounding, dudum….. dudum.

I watched him lay lifeless in the pool of his blood. His blood was rich red and spluttered everywhere. It had been a tough struggle but I overpowered him. It was a gory sight. I looked at my bloody hands, my heart pounding, dudum….. dudum.

I didn’t plan to kill him but I had to. This was the only chance I had. He’d been haunting me for the past few weeks. Like when I was eating, he emerged behind the curtain and looked straight into my eyeballs… Like he was warning me or something. In fact I thought I caught a smile on his face.

As I packed his lifeless remains into a nylon bag and sighed, I heard tiny patters behind me. “God, please don’t let anyone see me.” I silently muttered under my breath. I quickly docked to see who was coming, but I was late. The intruder saw me, he caught me red-handed.
He looked into my eyeballs, my hands, then back into my eyeballs and retreated.

My God these rats are getting on my nerves.