Short Story: Battle At The Home-Front.
December 12, 2012

 Shina, told the bartender “just a plate of “bokoto” for me please” his eyes trailing Nkiru’s gait as she dragged her heavy backside into the small cubicle at the end of the room It’s 9:32pm. The day is still young I said to my friends as I glanced at my watch. “The night seems to […]

Short Stories
My Ghanaian Princess.
August 17, 2012

“Good evening customer, how work today?” She said beaming with smiles like a child at his birthday present. “I’m fine” I replied managing to muster a smile. “Work has been wonderful. How market?” I asked her. “Market dey move Oh! In fact market don move as I don see you.” She said as she packaged […]


Not all that glitters is gold…whenever she had to deal with a man, this was her watchword, and indeed it was one that had never failed to protect her. That men had elastic hearts devoid of elastic limits and breaking points was a well-known fact to her, their hearts could only be stretched, it could […]


Scribblings In Idleness: His Decision by Sanjo ‘Biodun Owojaiye Females are funny creatures…forged by Mother Nature and fine-tuned by Father Nature. They say one thing and mean another and it is that which they do not say that really matter. If you ever want to go crazy, try to understand a woman. Be the nice […]