Short Stories
#FlashFiction: STRANGE BEDS 3
April 29, 2014

A hand shook me vigorously. “Sister, we don reach challenge O!” The voice was distant yet gruffy. I stirred. A little shake and a clearer voice startled me. “Stop touching my laps.” I screamed at whoever was doing the shaking. I opened my eyes and was surprised I was still in the cab. I looked […]

Short Stories

{STRANGE BEDS EPISODE 2} I must have dozed off watching that movie. I felt a thud on my scantily covered torso. My host tossed a wad of #500 notes on me. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my left hand and picked the wad of cash with the other. He was fully dressed […]

Short Stories

EPISODE 1 I looked at him sprawled on the bed, snoring away like a belabored train climbing a hill. His pot belly sagged to the sides. With my left hand I picked my Blackberry to check the time. It was 2am, two more hours to go. What would I do for the next two hours? […]

Short Stories
Short Story: Blood on My Hands 1
July 11, 2013

I withdrew the knife and thrusted yet again, this time even deeper. I had noticed her earlier but pretended to let her lie. As I made my way stealthily around the rocks. She seems to be lost in her majestic world, enjoying the tan of the sun. Then I stepped on a twig, her ears […]

Short Story: Battle At The Home-Front 2
December 14, 2012

As I breezed past my secretary I caught the glimpse of a glow of satisfaction on her face.  She was wearing the shirt I gave her as a birthday present.   Hello honey, how was your night? I asked as I hugged  Adeola from behind. Awesome she said, resting her torso on my frame. I […]