LETTER TO THE FUTURE MRS By Biodun Owojaiye Dear future wife, I write you this missive at this point in time partly because I am inspired to do so and partly because I was ordered to, albeit subtly by a highly revered ‘bros’. Left to me, I would have written this letter next year, but […]

How To Know Its Time To Let Go.
January 20, 2014

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships or friendships that leave a bitter taste in our mouth. The whole weight of the relationship is on us. We are the ones trying to call, text, mail or ping. The other party is dormant. At this time we become emotionally bankrupt especially if the friendship meant something to […]


Have you ever been in one of those friendships that start great but just dies sooner than it starts? Perhaps you are the type that loses interests in friendships when you discover something not so cool in your friends? If you have then you’d enjoy this post. Also you might be the one that needs […]

Poetry: Honey, I Want To Fight!
November 24, 2013

I want to fight O. My love I want to fight. I want the fight where you pull my hands behind & tickle my sides. I want the fight where I sit on you and hold your hands together. I want the fight where you chase me around the room trying to kiss me. I […]

Lessons from the 48 laws of power.
May 24, 2013

The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is no doubt a wonderful and powerful book. Though old, it has never ceased to generate comments sentiments and reactions. Several readers have their reservations about the book or those who have read it. However, reading the book again recently with a liberal mind, has opened my […]

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