Lessons from the 48 laws of power.
May 24, 2013

The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is no doubt a wonderful and powerful book. Though old, it has never ceased to generate comments sentiments and reactions. Several readers have their reservations about the book or those who have read it. However, reading the book again recently with a liberal mind, has opened my […]

My God: Jehova ATM!
May 17, 2013

Isn’t it somehow ironic how humans rely on their intelligence and power in their day-to-day activities as if they own themselves. We rush off in the morning serving Mammon, without even saying a word of appreciation or acknowledging the Creator. We are so engrossed in the race for survival that we neglect the giver of […]

Random Thoughts

This article has already been published here The irony in life is so funny yet thought provoking. Theology reveals that we have a supreme being that designs and predetermines our fate or destiny in life. Scientists know despite all empirical evidences that some things don’t just happen. No matter what name we call the “Supreme […]


As a writer, I get a lot of  inspiration from reading other books. Each time I read a literature, I find it easy to highlight sections of books that trigger my interests. In fact I have my scribbling pad by me every time , so I can jot my thoughts and insights as they reveal […]

Random Thoughts

ANOTHER EVIL I HAVE SEEN UNDER THE SUN by Adebayo Jazzyb Adesoji Its amazing that in this world people find so much joy in the down fall of someone who does good and celebrates his injury, they are excited and fulfilled at their mistakes and errors, they are so happy and eager to distribute the […]