Lessons from the 48 laws of power.

The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is no doubt a wonderful and powerful book. Though old, it has never ceased to generate comments sentiments and reactions. Several readers have their reservations about the book or those who have read it. However, reading the book again recently with a liberal mind, has opened my eyes to certain facts,which has informed the writing of this article.

I got to understand that power as referred to in that book, is not necessarily a position nor authority, but the fact that there are other forms of power that are more subtle yet more efficient than coercion.

No matter how much people criticise the book (48 laws of power), each and every one of us, has embedded in us a few of those laws and we use them at will without fore thought. How many times have you tried getting some girl/guy’s attention by showering attention on someone else?

The 48 laws of power is not a book for squashing the enemy or usurping the throne. Neither was it written by power hungry Greene for his followers. IMO, the book is just a glimpse into the psychology of men and how they see themselves. Man’s struggle to attain self actualization and social acceptability. In other words, it’s a book about man’s selfishness, his insecurities and how he feeds it.

All the laws have different seasons and situations they can be applied. Some are applicable when aspiring to reach the top, others while at the top. Some are applicable with contemporaries, others with juniors or seniors. Some with groups, others with individuals. The bottom line, whatever phase in life, there is an applicable law.

All the laws are tools. They can either be used appropriately or not.

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My God: Jehova ATM!

Isn’t it somehow ironic how humans rely on their intelligence and power in their day-to-day activities as if they own themselves. We rush off in the morning serving Mammon, without even saying a word of appreciation or acknowledging the Creator. We are so engrossed in the race for survival that we neglect the giver of life. But when a car nearly runs you over you shout, “Jesus!”

Its also amazing how ladies who have “missed the bus” become so “churchy.” They become  prodigal daughters since the loving father is always awaiting their return with open arms.

Must we have a bitter experience before we remember God?

The sad tale is that often times, it’s just to cross “that bridge”, once on the other side, we fly away just like ‘Paul and Peter’. This makes me ask why most of us have turned God into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) God or Zombie God. Is it because God doesn’t hold grudges? His hand is always open to us whether we are riding the chariot of grace or crushed beneath the wheels.

We go our ways, do our things and when things don’t go our way, or we run out of steam, we run to God and enter the ‘prodigal pin’. What we often forget is that if we don’t make deposits in our accounts the ATM replies ‘insufficient balance.’

The most ridiculous is hoping/believing that God will do whatever we ask of him just because the scripture says “nothing is impossible with God”. While that scripture is very true, even if you are to make withdrawals from the ATM, you’d have to go there first and insert your card. No ATM brings money to your house. No robot acts without a command.

All his promises are valid but requires a conscious effort on our part. God is no robot and we don’t have his remote.

Whose Prayer Does God Answer? (Y! SuperBlogger)

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The irony in life is so funny yet thought provoking. Theology reveals that we have a supreme being that designs and predetermines our fate or destiny in life. Scientists know despite all empirical evidences that some things don’t just happen. No matter what name we call the “Supreme Being”, we look up to him for certain things. We also know He does good; not evil and whatever evil that pervades our earth is initiated by man. So I begin to wonder if we all pray to God and expect answered prayers, whose prayer does God really answer?

An armed robber, who plans his hit with great accuracy, but before going on a raid he reads psalms 23 and 91 for protection.


A family that prays for protection against all evils coupled with the right security gadgets.

A Doctor who establishes a clinic with the hope of providing healthcare services and of course make money. He prays that his business makes him money.


Everybody prays against sicknesses of any kind that will make them visit a hospital.

The pallbearer who prays that he makes sales, so he can feed his children.


Nobody wants to die, so we pray against death.

The school boy who hopes to come across a missing sum of money on the floor.


The market woman who prays not to lose money.

The nation that prays for a good leader.


The politician that schemes and prays to be elected so he can embezzle the nation’s funds.

It is obvious that we all make our requests to the same control room and expect favorable answers. However with the variety of requests like above bombarding the prayer desk, whose prayer does God really answer?

The suicide bomber who prays before detonating the bomb.


The countless worshipers who pray against bomb attacks.

These events and many more happen every day but does that mean God answers all prayers or does not as the case may be? Share your thoughts.

How Reading ebooks Has Made Me Lazy.

As a writer, I get a lot of  inspiration from reading other books. Each time I read a literature, I find it easy to highlight sections of books that trigger my interests. In fact I have my scribbling pad by me every time , so I can jot my thoughts and insights as they reveal themselves. All these occurred when I read traditional books. (holding the paper)

However with the advent of e-books, my efficiency has dropped drastically. While e-books are easier to read, and digital,

1. They do not provide me the opportunity to make notes as I’d love to. The closest I could ever come to was copying the texts that speak to me into a word processing program. By the time I go over the notes it becomes lucid.

2. The closest I’ve gone to enjoying  e-books is to set the views to double page instead of the default single page adobe offers.

3. Reading is slower when reading e-books.- Because you have to scan through the screen of whatever device you are using and because the device is a source of light, reading is always slower than in traditional books.

4. I get tired if the book is over 100 pages. – Once the book is over 100 pages I may have to read it in 4 or 5 installments.

5. Power Supply is always an issue.- You know the kind of nation we reside in and the canker-worms destroying our power sector. There are times I’d want to read but no charges on my laptop or mobile phone.

Another Evil I Have Seen Under The Sun


Its amazing that in this world people find so much joy in the down fall of someone who does good and celebrates his injury, they are excited and fulfilled at their mistakes and errors, they are so happy and eager to distribute the news at whatever cost, it becomes their personal project to make sure the news is widely spread and such folks castigated.


I have also seen this evil under the sun that human beings say everything and do everything as politicians to get into power but on getting there they only start to do such as would only IMPRESS the people so that the ‘blind’ people will say they are working and they politicians leave undone such that will IMPACT the people.


I have also seen under the sun that in a church setting (of which I understand well), you are in the good books and everybody’s hero so long you fit into ‘their description’ of who a Christian is in their head/mind, once you follow your heart as it suits your life you become a rebel and a devil that is castigated either in their church, their gatherings or at their functions and occasions, even the young ones who rejoices and dances at your appearance before now looks at you from afar because they have made you a topic in their sitting rooms as a family discussion, even further at their offices as lunch hour topic of discussion.


Hmmmmm…… – jazzyb

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