Three Lessons Pee-ing In A Bottle Taught Me About Talent and Self Discovery


 “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would live its entire life thinking it’s stupid.”-Albert Einstein

pee in a bottle


            There’s a common argument about what a man can do a woman can do better. Both parties cite instances of how one surpasses the other in various activities. Ridiculous and hilarious as it sounds, the only instance where a woman has not been able to outdo a man is this; much as a woman tries, she cannot accurately pee in a bottle without spilling her by-product of deamination all over the place. A man on the other hand can perform this feat.

What this scenario tells me every time the argument occurs is just a simple truth that I have summed in three points:

1. A man can pee and a woman can pee: They are both skilled and gifted. Everyone has an area of gifting. No matter how useless or skill-less you think you are, there is something you are talented with. You might not have discovered it yet, but it’s there.

2. A man’s member is more suited to pee-ing in a bottle than that of a woman. So it’s not only about having talents and discovering what skills you have. It’s sometimes about in what areas you are gifted at.

3. The discovery of what you can do with your talent and how is your prerogative. – For a man to pee in a bottle without spilling, he needs to bring the bottle close to his member and execute the project. This is where knowing how to use your talent comes into play. No matter how gifted you are, if you have no idea how to use it, you perform below par and make a mess of yourself. No matter how suited a man’s member is designed to pee in a bottle, if he stands at a distance to pee in the bottle, the best he can do is quarter or half the bottle.

         Albert Einstein once said, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would live its entire life thinking it’s stupid.” However, @ofilispeaks has his version of the quote which is quite apt for this post. “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would not only live its entire life thinking it’s stupid, it would live its life thinking it’s inferior to the monkey.”

        So what this implies is this, comparing men and women along some parallel lines can be dumb. Why not just acknowledge the unique virtues in each sex and appreciate their differences. That we are different doesn’t mean we are better than each other.


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The Fear of Success: How Success Stops Us From Being Successful.

Jana Novotna

Jana Novotna

I have always heard about the fear of failure and how it hinders us. Until last night, it really didn’t occur to me there could be a fear of success when @Sisi_yemmie tweeted:

“The Fear of success…. Wow.”

There and then my heart set racing, I must have read or heard something like this before. I absolutely had no idea why she tweeted that, but it struck a chord within me. Thank God Malcolm came to my rescue. So I came up with this and thought I should share.

Sometimes the fear of success keeps us from succeeding. The possibility of success scares the heavens out of us that we stop the projects we are working on. Hoping to continue when we feel more qualified. We look through our family, our lives, our society and say no one has ever done it. The dreams and aspiration blows our minds. The possibility of success dwarfs our ability and we ask. Can I do this? What will become of me if I do this? Who am I to try this feat. We look at the successes we celebrate and feel they are more qualified.

The reality of the matter is that we have compared our ability with the possibility of success. And we have fallen short of our own criteria. We often forget that some of those who succeed that we look up to were once like us. The only difference is that they defiled the odds, and plunged before second guessing.

The fear of success makes us aware of our mortality, our abilities and limitations. A sudden consciousness and awareness of self surfaces that rattles our imagination.
Shortly afterwards we tend to tell ourselves to be careful. Approach carefully. Don’t mess things up. By this time our train begins to lose its steam.

Perhaps this was whatJana Novotna
felt in the third and deciding set of the 1993 wimbledon final. Playing against Steffi Graf, Novotna was leading 4-1 and serving 40-30. She was just a point from wining the game and five points from wining the tournament. Just then, the game took a dramatic turn as Novotna began to play like a beginner. She netted her serves, missed her responses and eventually lost to Graf. Malcolm Gladwell goes on to report this phenomenon in his book What The Dog Saw, and calls it choking.
Novotna must have realized how close to victory she was and that shifted her focus from the performance to the performer.
That exactly is how the fear of success cripples us. We shift our focus from our goals and amplify our limitations.

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Random Thoughts: Who Created The Box?

Thinking outside the box (also thinking out of the box[1][2] or thinking beyond the box) is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking. The term is thought to derive from management consultants in the 1970s and 1980s challenging their clients to solve the “nine dots” puzzle, whose solution requires some lateral thinking.

The nine dot puzzle is usually employed to drive home the paradigm shift lesson. You may or not be familiar with. The objective of the puzzle is to connect nine dots arranged squarely in four lines or less. Can you solve the puzzle?

Can you Solve this?

Can you Solve this?

I once attended a business meeting where a reputable speaker spoke on paradigms and how they limit us. His theme was focused on “Thinking outside the Box.” The interesting fact is that boxes abound in all spheres of life. Religion, Business, Education etc. After a wonderful delivery and a standing ovation.

These thoughts have been in my head since.

Every body keeps chanting, think outside the box. And we all alter our thinking based on that.
No body however bothers to ask these questions.

1. Who created the box or where did the box come from?

2. Since humans are creature of habit. Won’t thinking outside the box create another bigger box?

3. Can’t we do away with the box all together and play on level ground?

Here are the answers to the nine dot puzzle. I found the second solution just now.

The popular solution

The popular solution

the less popular Solution

the less popular Solution

Random Thoughts: Providence’s Task

Every generation must recognise & embrace the task it is peculiarly designed by history & providence to perform. Chinua Achebe.

Those who have recognised their tasks have moved the frontiers of human existence (in all spheres) forward. Ours is not to complain or criticise the past. Neither is it to wallow in self pity in our present predicament. Our foremost & single task is to identify, recognise & embrace the TASK!

Of course the TASK for everyone would be different. Some would find theirs in technology, some in politics, some in medicine, others in business. Wherever your providence ordained TASK lies, identify & embrace it. Therein lies your solution to your generation’s problems. Therein lies your fulfilment & joy!

Lessons from the 48 laws of power.

The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is no doubt a wonderful and powerful book. Though old, it has never ceased to generate comments sentiments and reactions. Several readers have their reservations about the book or those who have read it. However, reading the book again recently with a liberal mind, has opened my eyes to certain facts,which has informed the writing of this article.

I got to understand that power as referred to in that book, is not necessarily a position nor authority, but the fact that there are other forms of power that are more subtle yet more efficient than coercion.

No matter how much people criticise the book (48 laws of power), each and every one of us, has embedded in us a few of those laws and we use them at will without fore thought. How many times have you tried getting some girl/guy’s attention by showering attention on someone else?

The 48 laws of power is not a book for squashing the enemy or usurping the throne. Neither was it written by power hungry Greene for his followers. IMO, the book is just a glimpse into the psychology of men and how they see themselves. Man’s struggle to attain self actualization and social acceptability. In other words, it’s a book about man’s selfishness, his insecurities and how he feeds it.

All the laws have different seasons and situations they can be applied. Some are applicable when aspiring to reach the top, others while at the top. Some are applicable with contemporaries, others with juniors or seniors. Some with groups, others with individuals. The bottom line, whatever phase in life, there is an applicable law.

All the laws are tools. They can either be used appropriately or not.

Have a great day! 😀

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