Facebook IPO: How It Affects The Nigerian Youth.

That the Facebook IPO opened for public today is no longer news. Before the listing, news reports Facebook price at $36 per share, however the Nasdaq opening puts the price at $42 per share after a 30 minute delay. Just minutes after the opening, bloomberg news  reports via a tweet that Facebook now selling around $70/share in germany.

In a rather exasperated tweet, @upnepa  Blogger and  Assistant Editor at technesstivity who seems to be bothered about Nigerian youths negligence on important issues concerning their financial future  tweets:

He also goes further to say:

In the same vein, Founder & Chief Editor @TechLoy.com ( @loyOKeZIE ) tweets

From the above tweets , various questions arise:

1. Are Nigerian youths only concerned about entertainment or relationship issues?

2. With over 4 million Nigerian youths on Facebook.  Why are the youths not bothered about important issues like the FBIPO.
3. Why are some Nigerian youths contented with posting pictures and party comments on Facebook? Is that all there is to it?
4. Why are the youths more concened about flaunting their BB’s and iPhones, when age mates across the world are actually creating these tech gadgets.

5. With the buzz in Nigerian Tech industry, How many  Tech start-ups have achieved (or moving towards achieving) a feat as laudable as Facebook?

6. Do Nigerian Tech Start-ups possess what it takes to get listed on the Stock Exchange?

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