My God: Jehova ATM!
May 17, 2013

Isn’t it somehow ironic how humans rely on their intelligence and power in their day-to-day activities as if they own themselves. We rush off in the morning serving Mammon, without even saying a word of appreciation or acknowledging the Creator. We are so engrossed in the race for survival that we neglect the giver of […]

May 10, 2012

There is this little kid in my neighborhood who goes around without his slippers, he would tramp the whole street bare footed. I became a little concerned about his safety that I called him once to ask about his slippers. The following conversation ensued between us. ME: Don’t you have a slippers? Kid: “Owa nile!” (It’s […]


My mind’s been itching for a while, but couldn’t get my hand to obey my head. In fact titling this has been hectic. However, here’s a lil piece for the readers delight. Hope you enjoy it.Thanks “Revelations” are sometimes scary, shocking or  awkward. There must be a reason why Revelation is not the first book you […]