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7 Frightening Social Recruiting Statistics Every Nigerian Job Seeker Should Know.
June 16, 2014

The burden of responsible social media use seems to have fallen on me for a while now. Each time I see a Nigerian youth heading for social media disaster, I cringe. If only you knew how hard getting a job is (and I’m sure you know, you’ve not just connected the two), you’d be careful with your social media updates. Already, there are no jobs in the country and the little ones available are highly competitive. Recruiters are always looking for ways to screen out candidates and your social media profile gives them an alibi.

Below are 7 frightening Social Recruiting statistics every Nigerian youth cum Job seeker should take note of.

1. 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts.

2. 78% of recruiters have made a hire using social media.

3. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin remain recruiters social network of choice.

4. Linkedin remains the king of choice in searching 96%, contacting 94%, vetting 92% and keeping tabs 93% of candidates.

5. Recruiters look for professional experience, hard skills, industry related voice and cultural fit as part of the hiring process.

6. 42% of recruiters have considered a candidate based on content viewed on their social media profiles, which have resulted in positive and negative re-assessments.

7. Profanity, punctuation and grammar errors or “gbagaun” trigger a negative reaction among recruiters over 60% of the time.

There you have it. If you are a Nigerian youth, using social media and seeking a Job, you better be aware. Social Media is not just a child’s play. The statistics above prove that.

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** All Statistics are culled from Jobvite social recruiting Survey 2013

Questions: Have You ever been asked for your social media profiles in a Job interview? What was your reaction?

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