10 Questions Nigerian JobSeekers Must Ask Before Their Next Social Media Update.


It is a great thing that social media has given us the opportunity to connect with friends, stay in touch with families etc. However, the sheer abuse of social media updates/profiles is appalling.

From nude pictures to toilet selfies, drunk images and “breakfast tinz”, yet 65% of Hiring managers agree that they check applicants social media profiles “to see if he/she presents him/herself professionally.

51% also check [on Social media ]if the applicant is a good fit for company culture.

Source: internship.com

it is therefore important to understand that as a job seeker, some of these updates could end up hurting your Job search.

Below are the top 10 questions every Nigerian job seeker must ask before posting a facebook status or tweet.

1. Are my social media profiles a true representation of me?

2. Will a prospective employer be happy to employ me after checking my profile?

3. What image does my social media profile project about me?

4. Is this update relevant to my audience? Will this update benefit my audience?

5. Am I ready for the consequences of this update?

6. Are my privacy settings right?

7. Do I want the whole world to know what I’m about to post?

8. Will I be proud of this update in years to come? Will this update cause any problems for me now or in future?

9. Will I be comfortable discussing this in my next job interview?

10. Am I posting this under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Those are the “10 Questions Nigerian Jobseekers Must ask before their Next Social media update. Meanwhile, You can follow me on twitter @phemyte to continue the conversation or #SMJobSearchTips for Social Media Job Search Tips.

Question: What Comes to your mind just before you post on your favorite social media platform?

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